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The application has been built in small steps since March 2018, but it’s idea was already created earlier, because during the performance of tasks for the Digital Olympiad in 2017. by Natalia Ftowska, he secured her participation in the final. After the competition, however, he still sat in her head. Natalia decided to put him into practice. After a long search, she managed to find the perfect people to collaborate on the application. In this way, “Help at Hand” was created, and its creators were Łukasz Bednarowski, Dawid Bidziński and Natalia Fitowska. The application was awarded m.in in the National Olympiad of Technical Innovation and Innovator in 2018, where she won the 2nd place. It was also a great success to win a special prize in the category “Social Innovation” during the National Scientific Competition E(x)plory in 2018. To date, the application has undergone major changes, the name has been modified for example, it is no longer “Help at Hand”, but “Aider”. The composition of the team has also changed. It currently consists of two people: Szymon Stasik and Natalia Fitowska. The application was made from the beginning, a new layout, additional features. Initial plans for the availability of the application were foreseen for the period of the holiday period 2020, but due to the current situation of the prevailing COVID-19 virus, we decided to speed up the process of creation as soon as possible in order to be able to help others.

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Szymon Stasik

android developer

Student of “Computional Engineering” at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. Third place winner in the INTEL ISEF international scientific competition in Phoenix (USA). He combines learning with work at FindAir.


Natalia Fitowska

founder and project manager

Student of “Technical Informatics” at the AGH University od Science and Technology in Cracow.