How Aider works?

Aider is an application designed to help people who need it most. Thanks to it, a person who is not able to leave the house can receive items and food necessary for life. The whole app is 100% free.

After starting the application, the user has two modes to choose from – a volunteer or a person who needs help (elderly, disabled or quarantined).

Users are verified by phone number.

A person in need of assistance is required to provide their home address in order to e.g. provide purchases by a volunteer.

A person in need complete a simple form indicating in which task he or she needs to help of a volunteer, he also has the option of adding another task not available in the options. Along with clicking the “Add notice” boutton, information is added to the notice map.

A registered volunteer sees a map of notices. By clicking on a given notice information about needed help is dislpayed. If the volunteer has time and opportunities, he accepts the task. In this way he receives a number for a person in need.

After completing the task, the needy person is required to confirm if the volunteer has done the given task. If during the whole help process there were any complications, please report this fact in the contact form available on the website in the contact tab.

We are currently working on creating a ranking the top volunteers will get, e.g. shopping vouchers, discount coupons.